Thank you again, see you next time!

“I want to re-affirm my appreciation for the service we received on July 11, the day of the brush fire that resulted in road closures to Kihei. We had just flown in to Maui and had been on a shuttle to take us to our discount car rental company office in Kihei when traffic was being re-routed back north. This was our first visit to Maui and did not know the area nor had any connections, and we found ourselves in a position where we were unable to get to our car rental or accommodations for the night, which was pretty intimidating and overwhelming. Once we secured somewhere to stay for the night, I began calling local car rental companies hoping to beat the rush (as I was well aware we weren’t the only ones in the situation) and – with any luck at all – find a car that was even remotely affordable! As luck would have it, you were the first company that popped up on my search results, and not only was I greeted by an incredibly kind person who assured me he had a vehicle for me and would take care of us, but the price was even better than our original quote! Your hospitality was great, and you even suggested we borrow the car you usually drive for yourself because you knew it was especially reliable. We are so grateful. Indeed, the car took us all over the island and the Road to Hana – twice!, never once having any issues. Thank you for the lift back to the airport and helping to ensure our safe arrival and departure from Maui. See you next time!” – Sarah (British Columbia, Canada)

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